Prototype Standby Generator

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July 12, 2016
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Prototype Standby Generator

Three large industrial emergency power standby generators. This configuration could power a large facility such as a hospital, school even a small city. The concrete pad in the left foreground is space for an additional generator.

Dear Friends

The LA region is subject to power outages and many homes have been left without power for hours or even days! A.D.I. Electrical Services is here to help: please call us for a free consultation on how you can get a standby generator on 866 561 7545.

Here are 5 great reasons to get a Standby Generator:

  1. Parts of our city are still suffering from the impact of the four ­month­ long gas leak at Porter Ranch. This can happen again ­ have been warned!
  2. You want to keep your family safe and your home running smoothly when there is a power outage. A backup generator is the ultimate insurance.
  3. Senior citizens may require power from a standby generator for medical equipment, while babies and young need clean clothes, cooked hot food and practical necessities. Why take a chance?
  4. During a blackout or energy shortage, a generator can keep you going with your home’s essential functions, e.g. your air conditioning, bathroom lights, stove, kitchen lights, and security lights.
  5. We give a Lifetime Warranty & have thousands of happy customer reviews on Angie’s List.

So get in touch today & call us on 866 561 7545.


Wishing you peace & safety

A.D.I. Electrical Services

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