Panel Upgrade


Why should I upgrade my electric panel?

Does your electrical panel need updating or upgrading? When electrical panels are old and outdated they can become a major fire risk, posing a major threat to the safety of you and your family. Most panels are commonly upgraded to a 200 amp service and this may be the perfect time to consider an upgrade.

New Homes, New Technology & New Circuits

Homes are now more sophisticated than ever before. Where it was once sufficient to have six electrical circuits for the entire house, today we often install six circuits for one room alone. A typical Los Angeles kitchen may include some of the high-end appliances for modern living, whether it is your coffee machine with freshly-ground beans, Vitamix blender, green-juicer or built-in flatscreen televisions and power outlets…either way your kitchen needs power! An older electrical panel will automatically be under pressure to deliver, and this may lead to fuse burn-outs, power shortages and much worse.

Picture the scene: you are in your kitchen, dinner is heating up in the microwave, you switch on the blender…and the electrical circuit breaker suddenly trips, leaving you without electricity. Time to upgrade your electrical panel! Or perhaps you are in the bathroom, the lights are on, the AC unit is keeping you cool, your music is playing in the background…and the electrical panel overloads, causing the breaker to trip. Time to upgrade your electrical panel!


Panel Upgrades & Adding New Electrical Circuits

Has any of this happened to you? Or do you suspect that it may be time to update your electrics? Upgrading your electrical panel is the first step. It will not automatically solve the problem because although it allows you to add more electrical circuits, you still need to add the circuits. One purpose of a new electrical panel is that it gives you more capacity for adding extra circuits, so this is an essential first step to keeping your electrics safer and more secure.


How Much Does It Cost To Change A Circuit Breaker?

If you change a breaker in your old electrical panel, it costs around $125*. When you upgrade the electric panel, new breakers cost approximately $3-4.


What Should I Expect When Upgrading My Electrical Panel?

We recommend that you call your electricity provider and get a ‘meter spot’ before upgrading your panel. ADI Electrical Services will submit for all of the necessary required permits required, which saves you time and stress, and we will communicate directly with the city’s administration to put your mind at ease and save you time and stress. We can also fix stucco and patch drywall if needed.


Sensitive Appliances

While installing your panel, A.D.I. can install whole house panels for sensitive appliances, including your computers and televisions. This is especially helpful if you have a home office, where it is essential to have a smooth and continuous power to help your business run smoothly.


How To Get A Free Meter Spot Before You Install A New Panel

This service will not cost you anything and helps you save money by planning ahead before your install a new electric panel. Here are the recommendations at the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (

“When a contractor or homeowner plans to install a new residential service panel, they must first request a meter spot. Meter spotting is a free service that the LADWP provides to contractors and homeowners. A meter spot will verify the correct placement of a new electric service panel. Safety or code regulations may require the new panel to be placed in a different location. Obtaining a meter spot prior to installing the panel ensures the installer will not have to do the job over.” Click here to request your free meter spot from LADWP.

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