Whole House Fans

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Fans are a great way to cool down your house, reduce A/C bills and maximize the airflow and freshness of your home. A.D.I. Electrical Services have installed thousands of electric fans and we can help you stay cool today.


Whole House Fans


There is a world of difference between Air Conditioning and Whole House Fans, also known as Whole House Fans. While Air Conditioning is essential for cooling your house, a Whole House Fan helps with good air flow, reducing energy costs, minimizing temperatures in your house and ensuring that your entire home is more energy-efficient. Everyone feels more comfortable and you can save money.


Southern California Homes during summer heat waves can reach up 90 degrees, installing a Whole House fan can keep your home cooler through out the day by removing the stale hot air. It also means that any items in your Air conditioner bill will reduce tremendously. The hot air itself can be damaging but A.D.I. Electrical Services can install a Whole House Fan which will cool the airflow through your house.


Also, if you situate a fan vent near your kitchen, it can completely clear the smell of cooking in a couple of minutes. A properly functioning Whole House Fan will help you keep the air temperature more stable, reduce your energy costs by up to 90% and help you enjoy your home even more. It will also help prolong the lifespan of your roofing materials, cool your living spaces upstairs, not to mention the substantial financial savings for your A/C bills.

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