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Reasons Why You Should Call Us:

  1. We know our stuff
    With so many companies that over promise and under deliver; we at A.D.I. pride ourselves on our knowledge in the field of electrical services. We are always learning new and innovative ways to serve our customers.
  2. We’re always on time!
    In today’s rough economy, time is money. We believe in providing service when service is needed. We always arrive on time and ready to work.
  3. No hidden costs or surprises.
    Have you ever been a victim of the old bait and switch? Promised a price only to have it change after the service was done? A.D.I. will assess the need, give you a quote and stick to it!
  4. Same day service
    Emergencies don’t wait for any company’s free time. When you need us, we are THERE! Centrally located, A.D.I. is ready, willing and able to help you and your home get back on track!
  5. Momma always said: Safety First!
    A.D.I. not only makes sure that your home is wired safe and sound, but we perform all of our services using the safest methods and practices.

For electrical perfection, look no further than A.D.I. Electrical Services. Trained and licensed technicians are standing by to take your call. We will determine what services are needed, formulate a game plan and execute it. We take the stress out of any emergency or electrical project.

Call Us at (866) 561-7545 or Schedule an Appointment Today!

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